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Spring 2013 | Articles

Big Plans for your Future? Take a Bite out of Debt to Achiev...

After years of studying and financial sacrifice, it can feel liberating when you begin your career as a dentist and finally start earning a substantial income. Visions of buying a home, building a practice, travelling, now seem within reach. But … READ MORE >

Summer 2012 | Articles


New Condos Can Make You A Non-Profit Investor

Veterinarian investors considering purchasing in the condo market as part of their portfolio should consider the following.  After one of our recent monthly seminars, it was obvious that there is a huge misconception among investors with regard to the brand … READ MORE >

Summer 2012 | Articles


Marketing As A Team Sport – Is Your Team Ready To Comp...

With the veterinary industry becoming more competitive every day, you need to be running your practice more and more like a business.  After all, along with being a pet health care provider, you are also an entrepreneur who has a … READ MORE >

Summer 2012 | Humour


Tiny’s Tooth – A Tale from a Northern Mining Cam...

Editor’s note: For workers in the northern bush of manitoba in the 1930s, the amenities of life were scarce or absent.  A toothache, for example, was a cause for concern as little care and less cure were available.  Workers were … READ MORE >

Summer 2012 | Articles


Thinking Ahead, Looking Back

Being semi-retired has its perks, and the main one, as of late (besides trying out the many flavours of coffee, leisurely walks or of course shopping) has been… reflection.  Looking back on life and career can be an arduous, caffeine-consuming … READ MORE >

Summer 2012 | Articles


I’ll Do It My Way – (If You’re Lucky!)

Historically we know that Canadians have been caring for their elderly for hundreds of years.  Suddenly it seems that long term care has worked its way from obscurity into the national limelight virtually overnight.  Why? 1 in 7 Canadians is … READ MORE >

Summer 2012 | Articles


Research Findings for the Wealthy Dentist Investor

Recently wealth management specialists, Greg Taylor and adrian Reynolds conducted extensive research in order to identify the concerns and challenges that dentists and dental specialists face. The goal was to determine if the knowledge gained from the research could be … READ MORE >

Summer 2012 | Articles


Dental Hygienist, a Progressive Profession

A recent editorial in the globe and mail cited a US study of the top 200 occupations.  The study looked at more than a dozen factors that were categorized when determining job rank, including environment, income, outlook, physical demands and … READ MORE >

Summer 2012 | Articles


Living The “Local Lifestyle”

Large animal veterinarians tend to live in the area where their practice is located.  Even though they may be kilometres apart from neighbours, family, friends and colleagues, they are usually an integral part of the community and lifestyle of the … READ MORE >

Summer 2012 | Articles


The Ontario Dental Association, Annual Spring Meeting and Re...

It was my pleasure again this year to have a booth at the ontario dental association, annual spring meeting. This year’s event was particularly interesting and informative.  Dental professionals from all over Canada attended and were impressed by the number … READ MORE >