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Profitable Practice

by Timothy A. Brown

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Summer 2012 | Articles


The Most Important Investment Question

Is my advisor adding value?  Investors make a serious mistake if they assume there is enough information on their monthly statement to determine if their advisor is adding value. How do you know if your advisor is adding value?  Your … READ MORE >

Summer 2012 | Articles


“Paws” – and Consider a Professional Corpo...

You may know Veterinarians who have professional corporations and the arrangements work very well for them.  You likely know other veterinarians who don’t have professional corporations – and those arrangements work equally well for them. So what’s the better option? … READ MORE >

Summer 2012 | Articles


Caregivers, the Old, the Ill and their Pets

This issue brings newcomer contributor Karen Henderson to our pages.  Her article entitled My Dad and My Dog is a heart-felt account about a daughter caring for her elderly father and the dog that revealed much about the behaviour of … READ MORE >