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About Anita Jupp

Anita has been a member of the dental community since 1975. She is widely known and acknowledged for her expertise in business development and growth in the dental practice and has advised hundreds of dental practices across North America. Anita’s proficiency is in practice analysis and assessment, providing valuable insight into the core of the practice.

Anita has been involved in dental education for practice professionals since 1985. She has spoken at most major conferences worldwide including the FDI, AGD, American Dental Association, British Dental Association and the Commonwealth Dental Association. Anita is the recipient of a Fellowship Award, presented to her by the International Academy of Dental-Facial Esthetics, which represents her outstanding contribution to business management in the international dental community.

Anita’s practice management articles have been featured in many of the leading dental journals worldwide. She has written four books on business growth in practice and has developed a series of training tools on CD.
Anita enjoys working with dental professionals; increasing their practice core knowledge and arming them with the latest tools and fresh insights to achieve success.

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