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Prior to founding, Exsellence Planning Systems Inc., in 1994, Bill spent 32 years in business, including 12 years as President of The Martin Organization Canada Ltd., the Canadian division of the C.F Martin Guitar Company.

His senior management responsibilities involved buying trips to Japan, Korea and Hong Kong. He also served as a management consultant reporting to the Corporate U.S. President involving operations in the Swedish Division located in Gothenburg Sweden. His main focus concentrated on the development of the sales program for the Swedish division.

Bill has extensive experience in all areas of management, as well as marketing and promotion, sales, merchandising, strategic planning, financial operations, product procurement and development and human resource development. He operated a sales and distribution company active from 1989 thru to 1999, developing the marketing plan, customer service and sales plans, warehousing and distribution logistics to service the Canadian Music market. He profitably managed all fiscal aspects of the business, including working with the banks, market creditors as well the development of sales, operations and service staff. The company enjoyed exceptional profitable growth from 1990 thru 1999. Sales revenues quadrupled over that 10 year period.

Bill has also worked directly as a consultant to principals in a wide variety of businesses, including retail, wholesale distribution, service industries and small manufacturing. His corporate experience in Strategic Planning, Marketing Plans, Sales Training, Management and Customer Service development has been a major benefit to his clients in his consultation activities.

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