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Dr. Brian Beirl

About Dr. Brian Beirl

Dentists can be busy, it looks great from the outside, but many dentists are not happy in there lives. I have developed a great rapport with dentists because I had a large ‘too busy” practice for many years. I understand the difficulties in slowing the momentum of a practice that is heading away from your dreams.

Most consultants recommend more volume (patients) = more money, Why aren’t you happy??

I have a different philosophy and a very effective way of helping dentists create the practice of their dreams. I can help you develop a relationship based practice that treats people individually by taking into account their circumstances and the dentistry that is diagnosed. I practice and live with a philosophy that can be described as follows:

Surround yourself with great people

Create an environment that you love and attract the people that are looking for the same.

Become the best that you can be and consistently hold out for what is best for others.

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