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Perhaps there can be no words more appropriate when our true journey in life begins. In fact, it takes a great deal of courage to step out into the unknown… to cultivate a relationship with something we cannot see, feel, or touch… something just around the corner, not fully visible to us… yet.

For me, when I mustered the courage to step into that unknown, I became lost. In doing so, I stopped telling myself everything I always had, I stopped remembering all the things I thought I needed to remember, and I started paying attention to my feelings, relationships, and the connectedness I have to people. And that lead me to my passion for helping people on their own journey out of knowing, into un-knowing, and ultimately, into clarity.

That process — coaching — is an evolution of my life experience, my professional experience as a business owner, manager, and dentist, and my training as a professional personal and business coach, among others.

I help clients find their own answers, live their own truths, and enjoy their lives to the fullest expressions of whom they are and whom they are becoming. I illuminate their paths and use my knowledge, experience and intuition to help them develop a deeper relationship with themselves and with others.

My clients come to me because they want more out of life, because they are outwardly successful, and inwardly feel they are not living their lives fully. They may be at crossroads in their lives or just feeling overwhelmed by the businesses they built. They may be ready for major changes or perhaps just looking to find more simplicity. Wherever they are, they come to me with sincerity, honesty, a willingness to consider looking at their beliefs and self-imposed limitations and a desire for change. Above all else, they come with courage.

My style is warm, compassionate, and trustworthy. I speak directly and honestly; I step over nothing. My clients find me thought-provoking, challenging, and inspiring, and a safe traveling partner on their personal journey.

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