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About Dr. Steve Noonan

Dr Steve Noonan is an OVC 1983 graduate. After 25 years of owning several practices and small businesses in Nova Scotia, he and beloved wife and classmate Dr Diane Corlett moved their 2 footed and 4 footed family to Rockwood Ontario in 2008. Dr Noonan became the principle consultant for EffectiVet in July 08 and continues to do so. He is either visiting a veterinary clinic, talking to veterinarians or corresponding with them by email.
Dr Noonan helped pioneer economic surveys and fee guides in Atlantic Canada in the early 1990’s working with Darren Osborne. He was a member of the CVMA Business Management Committee for many years. He founded the Metro Halifax Emergency Hospital and was Chairman of the board for several years. He co-founded the Atlantic Veterinary Management Group, a co-operative of 12 hospitals.

Summer 2012 | Practice Management


When Business Doesn’t Work

When my oldest daughter was very young, she was prone to ear infections. I would patiently wait the one to two hours for our GP to prescribe Amoxil , the very same Amoxil I prescribed for my veterinary patients.  After … READ MORE >