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About Timothy A. Brown

Timothy A. Brown is the President and CEO of ROI Corporation and has served the dental profession for nearly 25 years. His broad experience in dental practice systems, including: appraisal, brokerage, leasing, and practice management, together with a close scrutiny of a database of thousands of Canadian dental practices has given him an unequaled view on the many unique circumstances involved with dental practice ownership and transition.

Timothy’s articles have been published in Ontario Dentist, Journal of the Canadian Dental Association and Dental Practice Management. He has delivered over 150 Continuing Dental Education seminars, including presentations at the faculties of dentistry of the University of Toronto, University of Western Ontario, Dalhousie University and McGill University.

Timothy is a Registered & Licensed Ontario Real Estate and Business Broker (Principal). He clearly understands dentists and has his finger firmly on the pulse of the dental practice marketplace in Canada.

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Are You Really Needed for a Transition?

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