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Winter 2017 | Articles

Impossible Promises — How should we navigate the chang...

  A client I have known for years recently called to say that he had  been approached by a corporate entity to buy his practice.  He called me for a  second opinion to make sure he was doing  the right thing.  In … READ MORE >

Summer 2013 | News & Events

Profitable Practice Proven Helpful For Dentists

Profitable Practice received a letter that shows how useful our magazine is for Dentists. Below is a copy of the letter that we received. We would like to thank Dr. and Mrs. Kim for their kind words and support of the magazine. … READ MORE >

Spring 2013 | Articles

A Primer On Dental Office Design

  Dental offices vary widely. Some are luxurious while others are basic and dated. Profitable Practice asked Dave Love of Patterson to shed some light on what is current in dental office design.     1.What are the major considerations … READ MORE >

Spring 2013 | Articles

Real Estate Investment – Some Thoughts

  Hello everyone and welcome to this edition of Profitable Practice. For those of you that have been following my articles, you’ll know I always try to focus on investment real estate advice that will benefit you for years to … READ MORE >

Spring 2013 | Articles

Dispelling The Myths Of Online Marketing

  Dentists love technology… they really do!v
Recently a client spent a great deal of time excitedly walking me through all the things that he was able to do with CBT. While I generally had no idea what I was looking … READ MORE >

Spring 2013 | Articles

The Lease Of Your Worries

  You wouldn’t launch a legal battle without a proven lawyer in your corner. You wouldn’t build your dream house without a skilled architect at your side. But you’d be amazed at the number of dentists who negotiate their own leases.   If you’re … READ MORE >

Spring 2013 | Articles

The Need to Connect Online: Associates, Principals and the H...

What is the first thing that comes to mind when considering the associate/principal hiring process? Overwhelmingly, I have found that the common answer to this question is frustration. Dentists are fortunate to have bucked the universal unemployment trend due to … READ MORE >

Spring 2013 | Articles

Making The Move To Canada…Are You Ready?

For those practicing in the United States, is it time to get out of the downpour of the past and ongoing U.S. financial storm? Whatever your reasons, making the move to Canada for lifestyle and professional reasons will be worth … READ MORE >

Spring 2013 | Articles

Positioning Your Practice For Success

Here is a typical scenario.   A family has just moved into your local community and they are starting to establish their new lifestyle. They are looking for a new dentist, so they call your dental office and ask the … READ MORE >

Spring 2013 | Articles

Professionalism and Work Ethic: Have Times Changed?

Has the work ethic changed so much over the years? Am I imagining that employees’ work ethics have changed to the point that some just do not care about meeting their employers’ expectations. I do know there are some wonderful … READ MORE >