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Spring 2013 | Articles

The Lease Of Your Worries

  You wouldn’t launch a legal battle without a proven lawyer in your corner. You wouldn’t build your dream house without a skilled architect at your side. But you’d be amazed at the number of dentists who negotiate their own leases.   If you’re … READ MORE >

Summer 2012 | Articles


Making the Right Moves to Get to The All Star Game

In the last several years, I’ve acted as general Counsel and small Business advisor for a firm in Washington DC that oversees the financial portfolios of High-Net-Worth individuals. These High-Net-Worth individuals require a specialized approach when it comes to overseeing … READ MORE >

Summer 2012 | Articles


A Practice to Call Your Own

An exploration of the pros and cons of practice ownership and how the right financial partner can help stack the odds in your favour. It’s the question that, at one time or another, every dentist ponders: “should i open my … READ MORE >