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by Timothy A. Brown

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Summer 2012 | Articles


New Condos Can Make You A Non-Profit Investor

Veterinarian investors considering purchasing in the condo market as part of their portfolio should consider the following.  After one of our recent monthly seminars, it was obvious that there is a huge misconception among investors with regard to the brand … READ MORE >

Summer 2012 | Articles


Marketing As A Team Sport – Is Your Team Ready To Comp...

With the veterinary industry becoming more competitive every day, you need to be running your practice more and more like a business.  After all, along with being a pet health care provider, you are also an entrepreneur who has a … READ MORE >

Summer 2012 | Articles


Employer Awarded $11.4 Million from Employees. It Seems the...

Employers often rightly bemoan the different and inequitable duties on employers and employees respectively when it comes to the requirement of each to provide notice to the other before terminating the employment relationship.  The law typically requires employers to give … READ MORE >

Summer 2012 | Articles


Living The “Local Lifestyle”

Large animal veterinarians tend to live in the area where their practice is located.  Even though they may be kilometres apart from neighbours, family, friends and colleagues, they are usually an integral part of the community and lifestyle of the … READ MORE >

Summer 2012 | Articles


When Business Doesn’t Work

When my oldest daughter was very young, she was prone to ear infections. I would patiently wait the one to two hours for our GP to prescribe Amoxil , the very same Amoxil I prescribed for my veterinary patients.  After … READ MORE >

Summer 2012 | Articles


Do You Know When You Veterinary Office Lease Expires?

When was the last time you looked at your office lease?  Do you know when your lease expires?  Have you ever considered what happens if you miss a renewal deadline?  This article will help you to: • Ensure that you … READ MORE >

Summer 2012 | Articles


Making the Right Moves to Get to The All Star Game

In the last several years, I’ve acted as general Counsel and small Business advisor for a firm in Washington DC that oversees the financial portfolios of High-Net-Worth individuals. These High-Net-Worth individuals require a specialized approach when it comes to overseeing … READ MORE >

Summer 2012 | Articles


A Veterinarians’s View from Mid Career

Dr. Robert Lofsky is a veterinarian in mid career.  He was an associate veterinarian for ten years in Toronto and Hamilton.  Three years ago, he opened the Wilmot animal Clinic in Kitchener.  He currently employs an animal care graduate (Alan … READ MORE >

Summer 2012 | Articles


My Dad and My Dog

This is a story about an old man with Dementia and a scruffy black dog named Oreo.  But before I begin, let me introduce the characters. My father Ralph Henderson died on Easter Monday, 2000 at the age of 93.  … READ MORE >

Summer 2012 | Articles


Preventing Fraud in Your Veterinary Clinic. Think it Can...

With a hint of irritation in his voice, Mike Robbins1 recalls the instances when his Veterinary clinic was affected by internal fraud. “We had an incidence of internal theft back in our early days when we were just starting out,” … READ MORE >