Cruise and Content Notes

July 1, 2012 | Dental |

Roy Brown (Chairman emeritus of Roi Corporation) reads each issue of profitable practice while it is hot-off-the-press. he enjoyed dr. shievitz’s article (spring 2012) about a partnership breakup. Roy recalled his experiences of partnership transactions in the 1980s and 1990s – almost all of which ended in a premature and destructive manner. Roy started Roi Corporation in 1974 and understands the dental practice sales industry, like no one else.although retired, he continues to counsel the associates of Roi and is a welcome guest at the firm’s appearances, seminars and conventions. he also identified with the article about a dental couple’s transition into retirement and thought it provided sage advice to those thinking about making that career move.thanks Roy… for your support and inspiration.


Todd C. Slater relates his experience at the ontario dental association, annual spring meeting.  Todd was impressed by the quality of the speakers present and the impressive exhibitor displays. the sales representatives were welcoming and very knowledgeable. he saw dentists enjoying the seminar presentations, meeting old colleagues and friends, learning about new materials and techniques and just taking it all in.


Natalia Decius, who highlights and augments the articles presented in Profitable Practice, and Daniel Pisek stated this year’s asm was more social than previous ones.they found the products, techniques and dental aids available to be outstanding. natalia believes dentists are upgrading their skills and procedures now more than ever before. daniel, as an exhibitor, had 4 goals in mind. he wanted to see existing clients, generate new business leads, convert those leads into clients and finally, to reconnect with old friends within the dental industry.


Diana Thorneycroft, meetings Coordinator for the ODA, working along with other oda
staff and volunteers from the education Core Committee, is largely responsible for the planning, organization and logistical setup of the ASM. Diana has been with the oda for 40 years and has been an integral part with the asm since 1985. exhibitors and presenters are screened for suitability prior to the event.this ensures that only first-rate speakers and quality exhibitors participate in an event that has become a ‘must attend’ for dentists, dental students, dental hygienists, dental assistants, dental technologists and other dental industry professionals.


Diana is proud of the consistently high quality presentation level the asm has maintained over the years and was happy with her part in this year’s event in living up to the high standard set by previous shows. she is busy cleaning up and waiting for number counts and survey results from this year’s ASM and has already started the planning and process for next year.the ODA is to be commended for another superb ASM.


This issue has articles that speak to the needs of all Canadian dentists. Andrea Chan and Kevyn Nightingale offer tax information for Canadian residents (about a million in number) who are also us citizens. Anita Jupp provides clever, humorous and sometimes unpleasant insights into the working relationships in a dental office. Daniel Pisek explains how the numbers in a dental practice and a two-phase marketing metrics plan can increase your practice’s overall revenue. Timothy A. Brown, who also had a prominent booth at the ASM, outlines his view on practice transitions that counters much of the current wisdom on this dental issue. Beau Olmstead outlines the pros and cons of practice ownership and the importance of having a qualified financial partner with you all the way in this process. Mark Halpern explains how to use your corporation to grow your estate tax free.


Our Feature Interview highlights Dr. Joseph Zeisler and his passion for scientific research. Doug Evans provides some comic relief with a story about life in the Manitoba bush in the 1930s and the plight of a worker who developed a toothache.  Adrian Reynolds and Greg Taylor offer findings gained from their research that led to an investment programme for wealthy dentists.  Karen Henderson provides information about the elderly, their health care and the need to plan for long term care both for you and your parents.  Dr. Dilshad Hirji, provides retirement insights, like few can, about looking back on her dental career and looking ahead to her future.


Lastly, we welcome Ann Wright and her timely article about dental hygienists being ranked 4th in a us survey in terms of job satisfaction. dental hygienists are a major reason why today’s dentists provide excellent care for their patients.